Climate READY

Support Detroit in being ready for Climate Change by becoming a Climate Crisis Community Engagement Specialist!

Program Introduction

The AmeriCorps Climate READY (Recreation, Education, Awareness, Demonstration, and Youth) Program is an opportunity for individuals (ages 18+) to engage in outdoor recreation and the natural environment, while supporting residents in becoming climate change resilient.

AmeriCorps members will engage residents of the city of Detroit in discussions of climate change effects specific to their community, perform demonstrations of climate resiliency solutions, and provide relevant interventions based on climate change assessments done in and around the neighborhood.

This is done through the identification of indoor and outdoor environmental hazards, improvement of residential energy efficiency, implementation of green infrastructure, and clean water and air stewardship opportunities.

The AmeriCorps Climate READY program values the respect and appreciation of the natural environment, community-based climate resiliency, and ecological stewardship.

As a Climate Crisis Community Engagement Specialist, you will:

Benefits to completing your Service Term

Eligibility and Skillset

Service Subject Areas

Program Terms of Service Dates*

â— Winter 2022 Cohort (Full-time service of 1,700 Hours)

â—‹ Start Date: December 5, 2022

â—‹ End Date: October 18, 2023


â— Spring 2023 Cohort (Quarter-time service of 450 Hours)

â—‹ Start Date: March 13, 2023

â—‹ End Date: September 22, 2023

*These dates may be subject to change


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For questions or additional information, contact:

Deandra Smith


Wayne State University / Center for Urban Studies

5700 Cass Avenue, 2207 A/AB

Detroit, MI 48202

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