Urban and community health

The health research and evaluation program engages in interdisciplinary community-based participatory research and evaluation.  Investigative topics include HIV/AIDS prevention and risk reduction, hypertension and cardiovascular health.  The team also conducts formative and summative evaluation of programs that promote parent involvement in educating children with special needs and integration of communicable and infectious disease prevention in community outreach facilities. The Urban health team

As Principal Investigators, Co-Investigators and Evaluators, the team works collaboratively with community organizations and WSU faculty throughout the Department of Family Medicine & Public Health Sciences,  College of Liberal Arts & Sciences/Bachelor of Public Health Program, Department of Communication, Department of Emergency Medicine, and Applebaum College of Pharmacy.  WSU students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels and participate actively in the development of presentations and publications.  New projects include evaluation of a healthy urban waters project. Research continues on cardiovascular health education with community health workers, enhanced discharge from emergency departments and primary care for blood pressure control and substance use prevention and risk reduction.




Julie Gleason-Comstock, Ph.D., M.C.H.E.S.
Program Director, Urban Health


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