Urban safety

The Urban Safety unit employs the latest techniques to evaluate crime prevention projects including, but not limited to, showing hot spots of urban crime, determining safe routes for children to walk to school, and prisoner re-entry initiatives.  Community partners include community development organizations, local police departments, weed-and-seed programs, and municipalities.Our Compstat Analyst Team

The Urban Safety unit also generates a variety of geographic information systems (GIS) maps for local organizations.  Current research focuses on the application of geographic information systems in community analysis, public administration, and economic development.  The Center maintains numerous databases that include, but are not limited to, information on crime statistics, transportation, housing, Census data, and health.

The unit's key initiatives include the implementation of the CompStat process, a collaborative, data-driven crime reduction strategy. The Center works closely with the City of Detroit Police Department, WSU Police, and other enforcement and community partners to reduce crime in Midtown, Downtown, and other areas of metropolitan Detroit.Midtwon Compstat Meeting


David Martin, Ph.D.
Program Director, Urban Safety