Healthy Homes Case Management System

The Healthy Homes Case Management System (HHCMS) was developed to collect, store and manage Healthy Homes-related data across multiple sites, projects and devices. The HHCMS currently hosts data for seven geographical sites working on projects for federal initiatives and philanthropic foundations.

The HHCMS is a web-based platform that maintains and analyzes data for these sites, and programmers create and personalize additional documents and data reports as needed on Healthy Homes work across the United States. The data is managed across all sites and projects by a doctoral-level researcher ensuring data viability when it is time for analysis and comparison. It also has the benefit of interfacing with a companion iPad app, but can be used on any system with a Web browser for ease of use in the field. The HHCMS was conceptualized and is regularly refined with a focus on catering to the needs of Healthy Homes research and management activities.

Overview of Capabilities

  • User-friendly iPad and mobile companion apps. Our HHCMS app is available for iOS and can be used on any iPad, and a mobile app for both iPhone and Android is available as well.
  • A unique, web-based operating system. Unlike similar platforms, no software needs to be installed on most computers or handheld devices. A web browser - preferably Firefox or Chrome - is all that is required.
  • Easy customization. Customized forms may be developed and added to the HHCMS to aid in any additional data collection.
  • Simple data report generation. Data reports can be developed based on any question the site asks during data collection. A number of summary reports come standard with the system, which include summaries of individual cases as well as a dashboard to track production.
  • Multi-lingual capabilities. Forms are currently available in English and Spanish for ease of use in the field, with the possibility of more options.

All Accounts Include

  • Unlimited Data Storage. With no limit on file size or storage, you can keep your organization backed up in the CMS.
  • Unlimited Client Accounts. You'll never pay extra for growing your organization. Create as many client login accounts as you need.
  • Tech Support & Training. Access to help resources and free phone webinars and online training is available. We are committed to providing top-notch customer service!
  • Remote Database Administration. Reduce costs by standardizing and optimizing routine administration tasks. We have a reliable and continuous operating data operation with enhanced expertise and data performance.


Prices may vary based upon client needs. Current pricing for the system is a one-time fee of $600 for set-up costs and $75 per month for access. This includes one training session on how to use the system and additional assistance and troubleshooting for 60 days after set-up. An estimate of additional costs for further customization, training and technical assistance can be provided upon request after consultation with the client. 

For additional information on the HHCMS system or to learn how your organization could utilize this tool, contact:

Lyke Thompson
(313) 577-5209