Kendall Casey

Kendall Casey

Research Assistant

Kendall Casey


 AMUS / Urban Safety


 Kendall Casey re-joined the Center for Urban Studies in early 2021. From 2011 to 2012 she served as an AmeriCorps Urban Safety Project team member, and at the conclusion of her year of service was immediately hired by the Center to help continue their work. In 2012 Kendall moved to Los Angeles and spent eight years as a Senior Professional Development Counselor with the Aveda Institute Los Angeles. There she worked with students on career development, established and maintained institutional standards and practices for meeting state and federal compliance metrics and reporting requirements, coordinated career fairs and workshops, and supported student success through coaching.

Eventually real seasons called Kendall back to Michigan, where she is happy to combine the coaching, project management, and administrative experience she's accrued in recent years with the focus on service and community development and engagement she began her career with.

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