Cynthia Duquette, M.A.

Member Coordinator
AMUS / Urban Safety
(313) 577-2155

Cynthia Duquette received her B.A. and M.A. in Political Science from Wayne State University. The focus of her studies has included both Political Theory and American Government; her Master’s thesis drew on models of democratic participation to raise questions about the degree to which a sense of place, i.e., the strength of one’s specific urban identity, might influence one’s level of civic engagement.

During a hiatus in her graduate studies, Cynthia worked in the financial services industry, for both a global bank and a mid-sized credit union. Holding consultant and management roles in Organization Development, she found parallels between her academic studies and corporate work, in helping employees use available resources to voice to their concerns and needs, both personal and professional, and to leverage training, performance management and engagement to achieve their goals in the workplace.

Cynthia joined the Center for Urban Studies in 2010 as she was finishing her graduate studies. Her responsibilities include program administration for the AmeriCorps Urban Safety Program, and extensive recruitment, training, coaching and mentoring with the large cohort of students who participate in the Center’s College Work Study Learning Community each year.