Paula Callen, B.A, M.A

Research Assistant
IPV Research
(313) 577-7969

Paula Callen is an accomplished community leader and advocate for victim rights and survivors of domestic and sexual assault in Detroit, Michigan. Ms. Callen has more than 20 years of experience working in nonprofit educating and training about the dynamics and prevalence of domestic and sexual violence in the community and families living in this crisis. Ms. Callen’s engaging presentations offer thoughtful and sensitive insight that is powerful and leaves audiences more informed and empowered to make a difference in their community. Ms. Callen philosophically believes that changing the violence that families experience requires understanding that people are intersectional and trauma experiences do inform how people respond, getting to a place of healing and recovery means lifting all those layers and seeing the “whole person.” Ms. Callen’s previous work as Project Director of Building the Safety Net, a Detroit based initiative of the Michigan Coalition to End Domestic and Sexual Violence, Ms. Callen led this innovative technical assistance project focused on strengthening domestic and sexual assault service capacity and infrastructure in the city, helped expand community networks to benefit service providers, and coached current and emerging leadership to promote “best practices” in the community. Ms. Callen was the coalition's primary lead trainer on statewide domestic violence and sexual assault curriculum for new advocate training and provided leadership to the coalition’s Women of Color Task Force. Ms. Callen’s statewide coalition experience lends opportunities to consult on local, state and national initiatives. Ms. Callen dedicated nearly 13 years in public service working for the Department of Health and Human Services. Her experience working with families in crisis through DHHS helped her understand how families get lost in the “systems” that are supposed to help and sometimes never recover. Ms. Callen’s DHHS career encompassed working with juvenile offenders, prevention services for families and children’s protective services. She has a reputation statewide for her dynamic, interactive speaking style, and is a favorite expert presenter on a variety of statewide training initiatives including, Trauma Informed Care, Horizontal Hostility, and Crisis Intervention & Management. Ms. Callen is an alumni of Wayne State University; holds a B.A.,Psychology and M.A., Organizational Management from University of Phoenix.